Health: More awareness on HIV

Health: More awareness on HIV


The Ministry of Health & Medical Services continues to create more awareness on HIV/AIDS in Fiji.

December 1st marks World AIDS Day, and was observed last Tuesday with the theme “AIDS Will Lose”. The Hon. Minister for Health & Medical Services Mr Jone Usamate said that the prevention of HIV is important.

“The Health Ministry will continue to work closely with its partners in creating much needed awareness on HIV/AIDS”.

“It has been noted that the number of known new cases of HIV has slowly increased over the years owing to increased awareness for testing. There has also been an increased opportunity for screening through antenatal clinics and also during festivals/events. We also have the availability of testing at divisional hospitals and some subdivisional”, Mr Usamate added.

Minister Usamate also reminded the health staff to spread the message to friends and relatives so as to generate wider awareness.

Fiji is considered to be a low prevalence country for HIV/AIDS, as the estimated number of people living with HIV in Fiji is less than 1,000. The cumulative number of people diagnosed with HIV as of 30th September 2015 is 647.