Kadavu: NCDs remains a concern

Kadavu: NCDs remains a concern

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Hon Minister for Health in conversation with staff at Kavala Health Center

The Hon. Minister for Health & Medical Services Mr Jone Usmate visited Kadavu last week to visit health staff, inspect health facilities and meet with villages.

During the weeklong visit, it was highlighted that the number of NCD cases remains a concern that despite having access to an abundance of healthy foods and vegetables.

About 98 hypertension and up to 288 cases of diabetes were recorded. Apart from this around 15 confirmed RHD cases were reported.

Mr Usamate during one of the Talanoa Sessions said, “Our forefather’s diet was mainly fresh fruits and vegetables, unfortunately now we are drifting away from that to consume more processed food”.

“Eating healthy and moving more (being active) should be incorporated into our lifestyle. If we do not choose to make healthy changes in our lifestyle we will have to deal with NCDs”.