Madam Bhatnagar reminds people to care for their health.

Madam Bhatnagar reminds people to care for their health.


The Assistant Minister for Health and Medical services Mrs Veena Bhatnagar reminded people to pay special attention to their health this festive season of Diwali.

Mrs Bhatnagar said that people tend to forget the consequences of consuming foods rich in fat and substances that pose a threat to their health, and often end up with abnormal conditions which require medical attention.

“I am not stopping you from eating, but you must eat in moderate amounts so that it doesn’t affect your health”, said Mrs Bhatnagar.

Foods served at the festival of Diwali tend to be cooked in high amounts of oil, which is unhealthy.

People often neglect the advice from health authorities on consuming healthy foods and end up with complications that contribute to ever escalating non-communicable diseases in the country.

While the festivities should be celebrated, a good diet and daily physical activity is the perfect recipe for a healthy life.

Mrs Bhatnagar was speaking at the inaugural Diwali Mela organised by the Ekta Saraswati Mahila Mandal in Cuvu, Nadroga.