Midwives receive further training

Midwives receive further training



The Minister for Health and Medical Services Mr Jone Usamate officially closed the week-long International Midwifery conference at the Fiji National University last Friday.

Midwives from around the country received more specialized training from their counterparts from USA. Australia, and New Zealand to enhance their skills in the midwifery practice and provide better quality service to mothers in Fiji.

During the training, a resolutions document was drafted and presented to Mr Usamate which consisted of the immediate needs of upskilling the nurses to provide quality healthcare services.

Mr Usamate praised the work of the nurses and advised them to grab every opportunity to broaden the horizon of their skills.

“It’s a phenomenal role that they perform and I applaud the efforts”, Mr Usamate said.

He added that for a healthier population as in the vision of the Health Ministry a good start has to be made and this requires the services of the trained staff like you.

“You must have learnt a lot of things such advocating natural safe birthing and working together to deliver the required services in this field”.

Mr Usamate thanked the trainers for imparting much-needed knowledge about safer and healthier delivery of babies to the midwives of Fiji.