What is mSupply?


mSupply an electronic Logistics Management Information System (eLMIS) for health supply chains in low-resource settings. It is an end-to-end solution, incorporating procurement, forecasting, warehousing, distribution, dispensing, and last-mile mobile solutions.

mSupply has been deployed across all operational MHMS health facilities in Fiji, as part of the National Supply Chain Reform Project. It is used to manage all health commodities, including medicines, consumables, dental, lab, x-ray, and vaccines. mSupply collects data on each stock transaction (tenders, purchase orders, goods receipts, requisitions, stocktakes, stock dispatches, and dispensing), and autogenerates real-time supply chain data for decision-making. By digitizing Fiji’s health supply chain, mSupply is helping MHMS work towards:

  • faster order processes
  • improved medicines availability at all facilities
  • better value for money in procurement
  • more equitable access to medicine for all citizens.

mSupply training


The Fiji Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Services Centre (FPBS) and Beyond Essential Systems (BES) provide in-person training and support when requested. Additionally, MHMS staff also have access to the mSupply International Accreditation Course which is a free, self-paced online course to master important skills in mSupply. There are two courses available, a version for desktop users with four units and a version for mobile users with two units.

The course can be accessed from any device with internet connectivity. Participants must first register using their email address before they can begin. Certificates are issued at the end of each course.

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