NCD Strategic Plan to contribute towards a healthier Fiji

The Ministry of Health & Medical Service’s Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) Strategic Plan 2015-2019 is aimed at contributing towards a healthier Fiji.

This was revealed by the Hon. Minister for Health & Medical Services Mr Jone Usamate at the launch of the NCD Strategic Plan 2015-2019 today.

“The goals and targets set in the strategic plan are to be achieved by 2019. However, we must acknowledge that the whole nation has to work together to achieve the goals of combating NCDs”, said Mr Usamate.

“Our key message is that a healthy lifestyle is the key to the prevention of premature deaths and that our individual and collective efforts are important to avert the effects of the devastating epidemic on our families, our society and our economy”.

The most recent NCD STEPS survey in Fiji has revealed alarming trends of increasing levels of risk factors, unhealthy behaviours and NCDs. There is an urgent need for a whole of system response, with strong leadership from all stakeholders.

In response to this, and in line with international and regional commitments, this NCD strategy for Fiji was developed. The strategy focuses on the prevention and treatment of NCDs, including mental health and violence and injuries.

The strategy is structured into parts tackling each of the key areas: tobacco, alcohol, diet, physical activity, clinical and public health services, mental health, injuries and violence and a more general overarching section.

Mr Usamate said, “For the first time this NCD strategic plan includes mental health and stress management which are important health problems in their own right, but also closely linked with the other NCDs”.

The strategic plan builds on the work already undertaken in Fiji to tackle the NCD crisis, learning from previous plans and approaches and seeks to provide a comprehensive prevention, treatment and management strategy for NCDs.

The strategy was developed during 3 months of consultation meetings, and included individuals from across government and civil society.