New guidelines launched to address heart disease and stroke.

New guidelines launched to address heart disease and stroke. 

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The Permanent Secretary for Health and Medical Services Dr Meciusela Tuicakau launched the third edition of the cardiovascular therapeutic guidelines which will provide a holistic approach to the management of cardiovascular diseases (heart disease and stroke) in the country.

It has been established that cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of premature mortality in Fiji, therefore the development of a standard guideline is important to ensure consistent treatment of all patients in the country.

Unlike the first two editions (1999, 2006) this new third edition incorporates the non-pharmacological aspects of treatment of cardiovascular diseases to provide the reader with comprehensive treatment options for the patients.

The Acting Counsellor, Development and Cooperation Fiji and Tuvalu said “Given that cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of illness in Fiji, this document will be a useful guide for both public and private health workers in caring for cardiovascular suffers.

Dr Tuicakau while addressing the participants has called for support from its development partners to help address the burden of diseases.

“We have noted that the Health and Medical Services care cannot alone solve the issues, there is a definite need for the whole of government or multisectoral approach with NGOs, faith based organisations, professional bodies locally and overseas”, added Dr Tuicakau.

Dr Tuicakau thanked the Fiji Health Sector Support Program for providing the much needed support in the development of the guidelines which will eventually be made accessible to the health staff and others who need it.

Meanwhile medical officers from around the pacific gathered in Suva to discuss issues pertaining to the provision of health services regionally.