Senior citizens honoured

Senior citizens honoured


Senior members of the Dudley Methodist Church were honoured for their dedicated services in a special function organised by the church on Saturday.

This is part of the annual Senior Citizens Day observed by the church in recognition of its members’ selfless services to act as role models for the upcoming generation.

Senior citizens are often neglected by society and even their close families, and can be seen as a burden.

While officiating the program, the Hon. Assistant Minister for Health and Medical Services Mrs Veena Bhatnagar paid tribute to the senior citizens for their valuable contributions in moulding the younger generation to success in their life.

“I salute the senior citizens who through hard work and enthusiasm have developed a more meaningful platform for success for the upcoming generations”, Mrs Bhatnagar said.

Mrs Bhatnagar also reiterated the Government’s recent announcement to address the basic needs of the people so they could enjoy the low prices of daily consumable goods and services.

Some of these strategies include the reduction of the pension scheme to 66 years, the reduction of vat to 9% and the increased free medicines list to 142 items.

Meanwhile, the president of the church Mrs Elizabeth Dass has called on people to respect and care for elders, as they have sacrificed a lot to put them where they are today.