COVID-19 Update – 03-05-2021


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COVID-19 Update

Monday, May 3rd 2021

As announced by the Permanent Secretary for Health and Medical Services today, we have 2 new cases to report.

They are both doctors that work at the Lautoka hospital, a 25-year-old female and a 30-year-old male. Both doctors have been entered into isolation and their close household contacts have been quarantined. Further contact tracing and testing of hospital staff are ongoing. We are early into our investigation, but at this stage, they do not appear to have any links to existing cases or events of interest, such as the Tavakubu funeral. Also, while they did work in the hospital, they did not work in the isolation ward where they would have had interaction with COVID-positive patients.

With these latest cases, we now have 51 active cases in isolation. Sixteen are border quarantine cases, 31 are locally transmitted cases, and 4 are under investigation to determine the source of transmission.

Total active cases in isolation = 51 (16 border quarantine cases, 31 locally transmitted cases, 4 under investigation)

Fiji has had 121 cases in total, with 68 recoveries and 2 deaths, since our first case was reported on March 19th, 2020.

A total of 54,988 COVID-19 laboratory tests have been conducted, with a daily average of 974 tests per day over the last 7 days, and a weekly average of 5995 tests per week over the last 2 weeks, with a record 6821 tests done last week.

Testing has increased in line with the response to the recent local cases, with 1736 tests conducted yesterday- another record. Please note that testing numbers from CWM and Lautoka Hospitals have not yet been received so the actual number of tests done yesterday may be higher. Our overall test positivity is 0.2% and our 7-day average daily test positivity is 0.4%.