Health: Antibiotics losing their effectiveness according to WHO


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Health: Antibiotics losing their effectiveness according to WHO


The Hon. Minister for Health & Medical Services Mr Jone Usamate and The Director of Pacific Technical Support, WHO representative Dr Liu Yunguo launched the Antibiotic Week and the National Antimicrobial (AMR) Action Plan.

The theme for this year’s awareness week is “Handle With Care”. The threat of antibiotics losing their effectiveness has become so serious that the World Health Organisation has seen the need for a global campaign educating people on how to use antibiotics wisely.


Through a survey the Ministry of Health & Medical Services discovered that antibiotics were used inappropriately for viral illnesses such as colds and influenza.


“The goal of the Antibiotic Awareness week is to raise awareness about antibiotics resistance and change behaviours to improve the responsible use of antibiotics”, Mr Usamate said.


“For the public there are three basic rules of handling antibiotics. Firstly to always take the full prescription even if you feel better. Never share or use leftover antibiotics and never buy antibiotics without prescriptions”.


Speaking on the National Action Plan, Mr Usamate said that it will provide comprehensive strategic directions for the country.


The Minister for Health also thanked WHO for their technical assistance in the development of the National Action Plan.