Breast Cancer awareness gets financial boost


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Breast Cancer awareness gets financial boost


Awareness on Breast Cancer was further boosted after a group of girls successfully organised a fundraising drive to assist the Cancer Society of Fiji under the Go Bald Give Hope initiative.

The leader of the group Ms Sanjana voluntarily shaved her head to raise funds which will be directed towards the cancer outreach awareness program.

This initiative of Go Bald Give hope is an innovative way to support and raise awareness on cancer.

Breast cancer has been amongst the top two causes of cancer amongst females in Fiji with 179 cases reported in 2013. Most cases could be treated if presented early to the health facilities.

While officiating the program the Hon. Assistant Minister for Health & Medical Services Mrs Veena Bhatnagar commended the group for taking such a bold step to focus on quality advocacy of accessible, available services that aim to reduce the incidence of cancer.

“I salute the organisers of the program as it is not always easy to participate in such bold initiatives, but I am sure that we can through today’s program make a difference in someone’s life” said Mrs Bhavnagar.