Health: St Giles patients not forgotten during festive season


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Health: St Giles patients not forgotten during festive season

xmas at st giles

Patients at St Giles hospital were grateful to receive gifts from the Hon. Assistant Minister for Health & Medical Services Mrs Veena Bhatnagar on behalf of the Board of Visitors.

Mrs Bhatnagar visited St Giles Hospital to distribute gifts and meet with St Giles patients and staff.

The Board of Visitors for St Giles Hospital were able to collect gifts with the help of the business community, and more importantly to ensure that the patients that they are loved and thought of during this festive season.

Mrs Veena Bhatnagar while presenting the gifts to the patients said the main thing about Christmas was that it is a time of sharing time, faith and love with all those around us.

“That is why we are here today, to share with you and I hope you receive these gifts not just as a token, but as a sign of our support for you. Also for you to remember that there is someone out there thinking and willing to care about you” said Mrs Bhatnagar.

Hospitals are not places for patients to spend their lifetime. After treatment they must be taken home and shown the same love and care as any other member of society.

Families and relatives of patients at St Giles Hospital are encouraged to visit them during this festive season as the country will be celebrating Christmas and the joy of love and sharing.

Meanwhile, the Government has allocated $1.9 million for the maintenance and upgrading of the whole facility which is expected to be completed by May 2016.