Lautoka Hospital SOPD services will resume on Monday, 14th February 2022, with the following clinics, Medical, Surgical, Orthopedic, Gynaecology, Fracture, INR Clinics, Medical discharge clinics. These clinics will be booking only specialist clinics.

For patients who have been attending their SOPD clinics at health centers in Lautoka, please be advised that your clinics will continue in your respective local health centers.


The prescription-only clinic that was held at Lautoka Hospital during the 3rd wave of the COVID-19 pandemic will be phased out over a one-week period, beginning Monday, 14th February – Friday, 18th February 2022. This service will no longer be available from Monday, 21st February 2022. Patients will return to their local health centers in Lautoka for their routine clinics/ prescription clinics.

For further information regarding Lautoka Hospital SOPD Clinic, please call toll-free line 165 or 4504169.

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