Media Release 3: 2019 Novel Coronavirus


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Date: 27/01/2020


Media Release 3: 2019 Novel Coronavirus

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services health team at the Nadi International Airport received notification from Fiji Airways of six ill Chinese national passengers onboard Apia-Nadi flight FJ 254 shortly prior to landing at 5.48pm on Sunday January 26th. The entire group of six Chinese nationals were reportedly refused entry into Samoa upon arrival on flight FJ 255 Nadi-Apia earlier in the day due to travel restrictions implemented by Samoa last week related to the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak. The group had transited through Nadi enroute to Apia on the same day via Hong Kong on flight FJ392. It is not clear if the reportedly ill passengers was medically assessed or noted to be ill while being refused entry in Samoa.

Health staff met the Apia-Nadi flight upon arrival at 5.48pm and the 6 Chinese nationals were medically screened. All six were examined by a doctor and assessed as well, with no fever. All six are from Fujian province in China. None had a history of travel to Wuhan, or Hubei province.  However, as a precaution, further investigations are underway for one of the passengers, a 71-year-old male, and the group remains under quarantine until they are cleared to fly.

While Fujian province in China has reported 18 confirmed cases of 2019 novel coronavirus, all internationally exported cases to date have had a history of travel to Wuhan in Hubei province- which is the epicenter of the outbreak with over 1000 confirmed cases. Based on the medical examination and history it is not expected that this is a case – however, taking a cautious approach, quarantine is being maintained for all six Chinese nationals until further investigation results are available.