Thank You Serua – Namosi Province


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Thank you Serua- Namosi Province says the Minister for Health and Medical Services.

About 140 participants from the Serua Namosi Province including Beqa and Yanuca took part in a Covid-19 Community Engagement Workshop held at the Pearl Resort in Pacific Habour on Monday 21/2 and Tuesday 22/2/2022. The participants comprise village nurses, turaga ni koro, mata ni tikinas, Red Cross officials together with the Roko Tui and Provincial Administrator of the province.

The aim of the workshop was to capture and document the participants’ experiences, their successful stories, their challenges, and the action they took during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Dr. Ana Maisema the General Manager Incidental Management Team (IMT) says that the document produced after the ‘two-day workshop would be an important one to IMT and the Ministry as it would serve as a reference point on how we can better prepare and coordinate for any future pandemic.

The Minister for Health and Medical Services Hon. Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete whilst opening the workshop stresses to the participants the impact of their roles and responsibilities as they are the eyes and ears of government on the ground and without their combined efforts, our beloved Fiji would not be able to restore the sense of normalcy we enjoying today and on behalf of government I just want to say thank you all.

The workshop was funded by the World Bank Covid-19 Emergency Response Project Unit.

Health and Medical Services Minister Hon. Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete with the first day participants at the Pearl Resort.








Participants during the second-day workshop in full concentration to the presentation.