Dengue Fever in Suva – Travellers Notice

The Ministry of Health has declared a Dengue Outbreak in the Central Division particularly in Suva, with an unusual increase in dengue like cases presenting at its health facilities and admitted to the Colonial War Memorial Hospital.  Dengue Fever is endemic in Fiji, meaning it occurs regularly within our population. However, when there are more cases than normally seen, it is considered an outbreak.

Dengue fever is caused by the dengue virus when a mosquito bites a dengue-infected person for a blood meal, and injects it into another healthy person. The black-and-white striped dengue-carrying-mosquito prefers to live in-and-around house water containing receptacles and stagnant water. Please refer to the Ministry of Health’s dengue fever fact sheet, which is available at all health facilities and also on the Ministry of Health website, for more information on dengue fever.

Government health facilities in the central health division have been activated to ensure the availability of adequate manpower and the technical resources to accommodate the anticipated initial rise in case numbers of dengue fever infections.

With the current dengue fever situation, the Ministry of Health has advised the population and visitors to the Capital city of Suva, to observe and apply the Ministry of Health’s advice on self-protection to reduce the risk of acquiring the virus infection.

It is important to seek prompt Medical Advice from a nearby health facility if one has symptoms that become worse after 24 hours of home therapy of taking in a lot of fluids and Paracetamol.

For any further information regarding the dengue fever situation in the Central Health division and the capital city of Suva, please contact either Dr. Mike Kama or Dr. Anaseini Moala on (679) 3320066 or (679) 3306177 respectively.