Free Medicine Program



One of the FijiFirst Government’s top priorities is to provide price controlled medicines free of charge to all Fijians who earn less than $20,000 a year. Accordingly, the 2015 Budget announced by the Attorney General and Minister for Finance allocated $8.0 million for the Free Medicine Program (‘Initiative’).

Who is eligible?

Individuals who can benefit from this program are:

• Individuals with an annual income of less than $20,000

Fijians who intend to be part of this Free Medicine Initiative are required to have a Tax Identification Number (‘TIN’) which will be the primary form of screening income eligibility.

Who does not have to register?

Individuals who already have a TIN number, Social Welfare number or Health ID are not required to register as they would already be included in the program.

Current social welfare recipients of Poverty Benefit Scheme, Child Protection Allowance, Social Pension and Bus Fare subsidy do not need to obtain a TIN but can use their existing welfare ID Cards for this purpose.

How the program works

As of 1 January 2015, all eligible Fijians will be able to access price controlled medicines that has been prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner (Government Hospital and Private Hospital) free of charge from any Government Pharmacy and/or selected private pharmacies.

All eligible Fijians can provide such prescriptions to any Government Pharmacy and/ or selected private pharmacies and upon presentation of valid ID will be able to access the selected medicines free of charge.

How to register

For this reason, Registration Forms will be available in the following areas, at all Divisional Hospital, Sub Divisional Hospital and main Health Centres.

All eligible Fijians intending to register for this Initiative are to bring the following documentation to the areas mentioned above:

• Original or Certified Copy of Birth Certificate (Full Extract);
• Marriage Certificate if you are using or wish to use your married name;
• FNPF Member ID or any other form of valid photo identification such as the Electronic Voter Registration (EVR)card, Driving License or Passport.
• In the absence of a photo ID, eligible Fijians may submit a passport size photo certified by a Justice of Peace, Provincial Administrator, Commissioner for Oaths, Advisory/Provincial Councilors, Mata ni Tikina and Civil Servants above Principal level.

For further clarification please contact the Chief Pharmacist for the medicines supplies and MHMS IT Office for registration activities

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