PRESS RELEASE – Friday 7th May 2021


Sai Prema Foundation Fiji and the New Zealand High Commission have teamed up to pay gratitude to the front line Covid-19 warriors who have been serving across the nation. These “Frontline Heroes Gratitude Packs” worth over $72,000 will be given to 2,500 medical and non-medical personnel who are serving across the various quarantine, containment, health, vaccination and other facilities around the nation.

Sai Prema Foundation has received support from the New Zealand High Commission’s Covid-19 Outbreak Response Funding program. Sai Prema Foundation Director Mr. Sumeet Tappoo said that they are deeply thankful to all the frontline workers who are working tirelessly to protect our nation.

“It is important to stop and take time out to express our love and gratitude to our frontline heroes and thank them for their dedication and sacrifice. Many of them are away from their loved ones, risking their lives to protect and safeguard our nation to ensure that the community is safe and to help stop the spread of Covid-19 into the community. This gratitude pack to our frontline heroes is a very simple act of expressing our love and gratitude. We want them to know that we care for them” said Mr. Tappoo.

Mr. Tappoo was also extremely grateful for the support from the New Zealand High Commission. “We have been able to manifest this act of gratitude only due to the wonderful support from the New Zealand High Commissioner His Excellency Mr. Jonathan Curr and his entire High Commission in Suva. We are deeply grateful for their support and for their confidence in our Foundation to deliver in accordance with their expectation” he said.

New Zealand High Commissioner His Excellency Mr. Jonahan Curr stated that the New Zealand High Commission is pleased to join hands with Sai Prema Foundation to thank frontline health care workers fighting COVID-19. “We extend our support to the ‘Health Heroes’ serving on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic. Their strength, bravery, sacrifice and compassion does not go unseen as they put their own health at risk to help others” said Mr. Jonathan Curr. “The gratitude packs are a small way of expressing our appreciation for those on the front line as you inspire us to unite in our community’s fight against COVID-19” he added.

Minister for Health Hon. Dr. Waqainabete was deeply thankful for the donation and the gratitude packs for the 2,500 frontline staff.

“I want to say a big Vinaka Vakalevu to Sai Prema Foundation and New Zealand High Commission for their generosity. Our health professionals and frontline staff have dedicated themselves to protecting our nation and they are working tirelessly for our safety. I am sure that this gratitude pack will give them the confidence that they are appreciated and valued” said Dr. Waqainabete.

Each gratitude pack includes a 260ml MedX Hand Sanitizer, 1 Litre Golden Circle Fruit Juice, Punjas Cookies, Sunrise Bhuja Packs, FMF Chow Noodles, Red Cow Milk Powder, Punjas Ceylon Tea Bags as well as a ‘Thank You’ card for each person from Sai Prema Foundation and New Zealand High Commission.

In addition to the 2,500 gratitude packs, Sai Prema Foundation, New Zealand High Commission and Fiji Chemicals are donating a further 2,500 bottles of 500ml Essence Hand Sanitizers. Sai Prema Foundation are one of the largest distributors of free meals through their national grocery pack distribution and disaster relief assistance. Mr. Sumeet Tappoo confirmed that they are continuing to serve thousands of underprivileged and needy families throughout Fiji especially through this Covid-19 pandemic. End.