48 Hour LOCKDOWN Qauia


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The Ministry of Health and Medical Services advises residents of Qauia Settlement, Lami of a 48-hour lockdown from 4am, Tuesday 22 June, to 4am Thursday 24 June 2021. The aim of the lockdown is to conduct rapid screening, tracing, swabbing and quarantine or isolation of cases of interest in Qauia Settlement.

This exercise is an opportunity to check for COVID-like symptoms and travel/movement histories that may have put residents in the path of Fijians living with COVID -19. It is a necessary step and one of the ways to stop this infection from spreading further in the community.

Mobile Screening Teams will be visiting households within the boundaries highlighted on the map. The physical boundary will be determined by the RFMF C-19 taskforce, Health and Police team on site in Qauia who will be conducting COVID-19 screening, tracing and swabbing in this 48 hour period.

In the interest of public and personal safety, residents within the marked area are requested to stay home and avoid any contact with people from other households. If you experience COVID like symptoms (sore throat, fever, loss of taste/smell, shortness of breath, aches and pains, fatigue/tiredness) please contact 158 immediately. A medical team will reach out to you at your home.

The Ministry of Health requests understanding and cooperation from the public for this exercise and assures all residents swabbed and tested, that information obtained will be kept confidential.