Applying for COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate


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17th December 2021

Applying for COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services informs members of the public intending to travel overseas, the requirements, and the application process for the issuance of a COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

Traveling individuals are required to send an application for the vaccination certificate to the Ministry of Health & Medical Services via email: and attach scanned copies of the following documents:

  1. Vaccination card (front and back copy),
  2. Biodata page of the passport,
  3. Travel itinerary (as proof of travel),
  4. Permit Number or Citizen Number if not a Fijian citizen.

The complete set of documents when received will be used to verify the individual’s vaccination status. Individuals must submit their request at least 14 days prior to the date of travel. The Ministry of Health will respond at least 2-3 days prior to the date of travel. Delays may be experienced if the information provided is not verifiable with the vaccine registration system.

Any individual who has been vaccinated in another country will need to provide an internationally recognized vaccination certificate issued by that country, therefore, they need not apply for a vaccination certificate from the Fijian Government.

Individuals who are applying for the vaccination certificate are informed that they must ensure that the name on the Birth Certificate matches the name on their Passport.