Healthy Settings training for Staff in the central Division.


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Healthy Settings training for Staff in the central Division.

7D Training

Participants at the training with Trainer Peni Vailave for the World Health Organisation.

Nurses and health inspectors in the Central Division are being trained on the  7D’s for health settings.

This approach to organising health settings involves a 7-step development process: discovery, discussion, dream, direction, design, delivery and driving.

This is a systematic approach to community development which identifies the various issues pertaining to a setting.

The approach is people-focused and process-driven whereby people are involved in discussing, documenting and implementing solutions/action plans that are acceptable to their current and future living conditions.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services is optimistic that through these trainings, the participants will be able to develop action-oriented plans to address risks in health settings.

Divisional NCD officers will use development processors to facilitate follow-ups on specific activities.

These trainings have been scheduled for all districts while staff from some districts have already completed the trainings.