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Levuka Hospital receives new wheelchairs

The Hon. Assistant Minister for Health & Medical Services Mrs Veena Bhatnagar handed over newly donated wheelchairs to the Levuka Hospital.

The two wheelchairs costing around $3,000, were donated by the LDS Charity to assist patients at Levuka Hospital needing assistance with mobility.

Mrs Bhatnagar said, “It is pleasing to note that religious organisations are providing such timely donations apart from spiritual support to our people. The Health Ministry is thankful and appreciates such gestures”.

“The wheelchairs will provide support towards movement; allow greater mobility, comfort and independence”.

The Health Ministry continues to welcome such support from non-governmental support as they further complement the work and resources that the Fijian Government is already putting towards health services.

Mrs Bhatnagar had visited Levuka earlier this year and identified certain needs for Levuka Hospital. Hence, this donation has been timely in fulfilling their need for wheelchairs.

“Is it also worth noting that these wheelchairs are of high technology and have spare parts for available with backup technical expertise available in Fiji”.

The Hon. Assistant Minister for Health & Medical Services also emphasized the importance of engaging in a healthy lifestyle.

“July is Wellness Month, with the theme Don’t Delay, Get Checked Today. Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) are an increasing problem for Fiji both in terms of increasing economic and social burden”.

“I urge you all to go for health checks, it is only when we do this then we can move towards wellness and staying healthy which in return will contribute towards moving Fiji ahead economically”.

The Health Ministry will continue to work alongside non-government organisations and other partners in further enhancing health service deliveries.

Women’s groups encouraged on health issues

The Hon. Assistant Minister for Health & Medical Services Mrs Veena Bhatnagar today encouraged women to pay more attention to their health.

This is while addressing women and other invited guests at the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Soroptomist International Sigatoka.

“Each and every girl and woman must ensure that everyone in the family is screened for NCD. This means eye check, dental check, sugar, pressure and cholesterol checks, cancer check, “Said Mrs Bhatnagar.

“A check a year is essential for the prevention and control of NCD. This health seeking behaviour needs to be emphasized so that Fijians don’t wait until they are sick before they come to us. We want to check Fijians while you are well”.

The Health Ministry has noted that not all Fijians smoke, drink alcohol or exercise. However all Fijian do eat irrespective of age, colour, gender, religion or economic status, hence eating and drinking is the main risk factor that needs to be controlled.

Mrs Bhatnagar added, “Let’s all commit ourselves to lead and live a healthy life. Our struggle to create a better life for all citizens of Fiji, The Ministry of Health is involved in high level of program of action, awareness and advocacy. We continue to intensify our campaign to promote healthy lifestyles within our communities”.

Meanwhile, the Hon. Assistant Minister for Health & Medical Services also launched Soroptimist Interational Sigatoka 20th Anniversary magazine. The Soroptimist International Sigatoka has worked on various health related projects.

Assistant Health Minister keeps promises made to Bureta Village

The Hon. Assistant Minister for Health & Medical Services Mrs Veena Bhatnagar has been able to successfully address issues raised by Bureta Village, Levuka during her last visit.

Mrs Bhatnagar has visited Bureta Village earlier this year for Health Public Consultation during which the people from Bureta had raised issues on the condition of the road, drainage and water supply.

The Hon. Assistant Health Minister for Health & Medical Services returned to Bureta Village to keep her promise of installing a water tank.

To this effect, Mrs Bhatnagar yesterday officially handed over a 10000 Litre water tank and wheel chair to Bureta Village. This donation was made by the LDS Charity who had also donated wheelchairs to the Levuka Hospital earlier.

Mrs Bhatnagar said she was keen to assist Bureta Village and was identifying ways in which she could assist.

“Upon return to office I was very fortunate to receive a call from LDS church. During our meeting I came to know that LDS did a lot of charity work which includes providing water tanks. I genuinely wanted to help the people of Bureta Village and God had sent the LDS charity right to my door step. There and then LDS promised to assist with the donation of a water tank and here we are to handover this essential donation”.

The Hon. Assistant Health & Medical Services Minister Mrs Veena Bhatnagar had also notified the relevant Ministry on the road condition and drainage issue raised by Bureta Village, which today has been addressed.

Representatives from Bureta Village were humbled and thanked the Hon. Assistant Minister for Health & Medical Services for her timely intervention.

The Health Ministry remains committed to improving and contributing towards improving health services delivery and the overall health of the people of Fiji.