Public Health Services

Human Resources Unit

The Human Resources Unit is responsible for Ministry of Health staff recruitments, appointments, terminations, industrial relations and Occupational Health and Safety, training, workforce and policy developments, asset management and accounting.

HRU ensures professional development is ongoing along with effective human resources management, industrial relations, procurement, asset management and accounting.

Contact Human Resources Unit Ph: 3306177

Direct your call to;

Principal Administrative Officer (Personnel)
Principal Administrative Officer (Post Processing Unit)
Principal Administrative Officer (Workforce Development Unit)
Director Human Resources

Asset Management Unit

The Asset Management Unit looks after the management of non-technical physical assets for the Ministry of Health from Procurement right through to the writing-off and disposal of assets.

Key stakeholders we work closely with include Ministry of Finance (Fiji Procurement Office), Ministry of Works, Transport & Public Utilities, Ministry of Lands and Ministry of Industry & Trade

Key Objectives include;

• Plan, Organise, Implement and Monitor Capital Projects & other maintenance works.
• Management of Quarters Issues
• Management of Fleet
• Board of Survey

Key Responsibilities include;

• The AMU documents, registers, archives and monitoring of the physical assets of the Ministry nationwide
• Ensure that the acquisition of each physical asset is recorded with all relevant details in the fixed asset register
• Carry out Board of Survey procedures and inspections of assets on a regular basis
• Supervise fixed asset disposal action upon on receipt of approval
• Investigate any misuse and abuse of the physical assets
• Attend to issues regarding quarters occupation
• Fleets Status reporting and maintenance
• Infrastructure Maintenance Plan and Procurement Planning
You can contact the Asset Management Unit on 330 6163.


The Division of Nursing is responsible for the planning, development, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of nursing standards, policies, and guidelines and protocols.

It is also responsible for the development of nursing workforce plans that encompass quality succession planning, training and professional development that will enhance the quality of nursing services.

The Division provides management and administrative support to the Fiji Nursing Council for the professional registration of Nurses in compliance with legislative provisions in the Nursing Decree 2011 on professional registration.

Nursing makes up 62% of the total health workforce and is virtually the face of the Ministry of Health to the general public. Nurses are the frontline health practitioners present in every health facility in the country.

There are 3 main categories of nursing staff employed in the nursing service:
• Registered Nurses are graduates of any of the 3-year courses/programs and they provide professional nursing services in any field of nursing in Fiji.
• Students are those undertaking the 3-year programme at the Fiji School of Nursing and they spend around 60% of their training (curriculum) providing nursing services under the supervision of registered nurses.
• Unqualified staffs are persons without a nursing qualification who are employed to assist qualified nurses in the performance of their duties, namely orderlies (established) and hospital ward assistants (government wage earners).


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