World Blood Donor Day

The Permanent Secretary for Health and Medical services Dr Meciusela Tuicakau and the regional Rep from WHO Dr Liu Youngao with other stakeholders at the World Blood Donor Day Celebrations at Rishikul High School.



World Blood Donor Day is commemorated on the 14th of June every year. The theme for this year was “Blood connects us all”.

The Permanent Secretary for Health & Medical Dr Meciusela Tuicakau said that blood donors save lives every day and that continuous awareness of the need for regular donations.

“This will ensure quality, safety and availability of blood and blood products for patients in need”.

Dr Tuicakau also thanked those who had been part of blood drives as in 2015 there was a total of 13,570 blood donors.

The Health Ministry acknowledges the continuous support received from the World Health Organization and the Embassy of Japan.