Health: Research and Stakeholder meeting on Leptospirosis

Health: Research and Stakeholder meeting on Leptospirosis



The Ministry of Health & Medical Services (MoHMS) has convened on a 2 day meeting at Novotel Suva, to finalise the Leptospirosis Action Plan 2016-2020.

Leptospirosis is a priority communicable disease for the MoHMS due to its high morbidity and mortality rate, compared to other serious communicable diseases.

An average of 420 laboratory-confirmed cases and 42 deaths have been reported each year from 2012-2014. Hence the aim of this meeting is to also strengthen the efforts to reduce the burden of Leptospirosis in Fiji.

This 2 day meeting is also being held to facilitate consultation between representatives from government and local ministries, private agricultural enterprise, non-government organisations, SPC and WHO. This group will play a role in the development and implementation of a national strategy for the control of leptospirosis in Fiji.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that affects humans and animals. It is caused by the genus Leptospira. Some symptoms include high fever, headache, muscle aches, vomiting, Jaundice (yellow skin and eyes), red eyes, abdominal pain, diarrhea and rash.

The 2 day meeting was initiated by the Health Ministry’s Centres for Disease Control (FCCDC) and facilitated by SPC.