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COVID-19 Vaccination Update

April 3rd 2021

As recently announced the Ministry of Health and Medical Services is rolling out the next phase of vaccinations with approximately 50,000 people eligible to receive this 2-dose vaccine from Tuesday April 6th. This group includes the rest of the frontline staff at the borders, all healthcare workers (including those in private healthcare), police and military officers, tourism and hotel workers, and civil servants. Also eligible to receive the vaccine will be those over the age of 60, and people with medical conditions that increase the risk of severe disease if they do get infected with COVID-19. You will fall into this category if you are currently attending a Special Outpatients Department (SOPD) clinic with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, or similar with a private healthcare provider. This includes people with diabetes, asthma, and heart conditions.

A list of locations where you can get vaccinated will be released at a later date. However, we urge all Fijians over the age of 18, and especially people eligible for this second phase, to register for the COVID-19 vaccine now. You must be registered to receive your vaccine. To register please visit or your nearest health centre with your birth registration or citizenship number and photo ID. The birth registration number (BRN) is printed on your birth certificate. If you do not have your birth certificate you can get your BRN free of charge from any Birth, Deaths, and Marriage (BDM) Registry or your nearest health centre, just bring a valid photo ID.

Ministry of Health and Medical Staff will also be present today for registrations at a list of locations published on our Facebook page  All you need to register at these locations is a valid photo identification e.g. voter registration card, drivers license, passport, FNPF/FRCA Joint ID card.

For more information please visit

The next scheduled update will be on Monday April 5th.





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